​​​​​​​socialicon.gifSocial development under the Qatar National Vision 2030 encompasses a system dedicated to social welfare and protection for all citizens and to bolstering women’s role in society and empowering them to be active community members. Social advancement also means equal educational, employment and career opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their background or gender and a tolerant and fair society that embraces Islam’s values of peace, welfare, justice and community. Under the QNV 2030, Qatar will serve as a regional and global example with an increased role in the Middle East and the world.
Social Care and Protection
Strong cohesive families that care for their members, and maintain moral and religious values and humanitarian ideals. An effective social protection system for all Qataris that ensures their civil rights, values their contribution in developing their society, and ensures an adequate income to maintain a healthy and dignified life

A Sound Social Structure
Effective public institutions and strong and active civil society organizations that:

  • Preserve Qatar’s national heritage and enhance Arab and Islamic values and identity
  • Provide high quality services that respond to the needs and the desires of individuals and businesses
  • Establish a secure and stable society operating on the principles of justice, equality and the rule of law
  • Enhance women’s capacities and empower them to participate fully in the political and economic spheres, especially in decision-making roles
  • Develop a spirit of tolerance, constructive dialogue and openness towards others at the national and international levels

International Cooperation
Qatar will continue to build upon its role in the international community in the following areas:

  • An increased regional role economically, politically and culturally, particularly within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation
  • Council, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference
  • Intensification of cultural exchange with the Arab peoples in particular and with other nations in general
  • Sponsorship and support of dialogue among civilizations, promoting coexistence between different religions and cultures
  • Contribution towards international peace and security through political initiatives and developmental and humanitarian assistance