Ministry Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) is the official source of all statistical data and processes in the State of Qatar. MDPS endeavors to provide statistical data to data users in all public and private sectors and agencies, regional and international organizations and individuals.

Since this statistical data of importance to determine the future needs and requirements of sustainable development, MDPS is working to provide a range of services, namely:

​General​ Services  ​

 MDPS provides statistical data via its website where all segments of society can have easy access:

  • Knowledge Center:​  ​website that allows visitors to get the latest MDPS publications on statistics, national planning, Qatar Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy.​​​​​​

  • GIS: is a software available on MDPS website that allows visitors to use statistical data on maps provided by GIS technology.

  • ​​Library:​ The library of the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics contains all books of interest to researchers covering all aspects of knowledge.

  • Data Request:an online service that allows the public to request statistical data directly from MDPS through the online form


​​Data Request Form graphic

Statistical Data Request Form

On-Demand Services  

​​ In addition to the statistical data provided for data users, MDPS provides a range of services for the public and private agencies in Qatar, namely:
  • Training: MDPS targets a specific category of society; i.e. school and university students. At the request of their institution, students are trained for certain hours to be agreed upon.​​

  • Preparation of surveys, questionnaires and opinion polls: MDPS works to provide technical support and to contribute to public and private agencies in the implementation of statistical surveys. MDPS also provides the opportunity for those who desire to conduct a survey on a particular issue by taking over the preparation and follow-up works in coordination with the requesting entity.​​

  • ​ Preparation of government agencies strategies and monitoring and following-up implementation: MDPS provides support to other ministries and government agencies in the preparation of strategies and plans that are consistent with national development objectives and in the implementation of the national development strategy. After which, MDPS reviews, monitors and evaluate progress at the national level in the implementation of the objectives of the National Development Strategy.
  To request this type of services, the applicant needs to fill out the atta​ched form for MDPS approval to provide the service.



  ​​​On demand service request graphic

MDPS On-Demand Service ​Request Form